Everything Gray

Easier on me is a drop
of acid upon the tounge.
To dance in the middle,
enjoy all the fun.

Though you hate the day
you must complete waste
the time of another trace
another day of mine taste.

I don’t love you and I
am a vessel of pain again;
that wine you drank
complete and on a whim.

That touch so raw you,
my lovely person I adore,
I would ask of what your
tender notions you implore?

Or maybe the pride came,
and the envy came quick.
Where pride took control
like cement in a voice thick.

Anger is not okay but it is.
Is this a point of fact that act
does the moon upon us all,
and a fever makes us react.

Our blood moves in vessels
I may take upon this endeavor.
Take me my hand and lift
all my weight light as a feather.

Still I could have been better,
a better man and person too.
Yet I feel the blossom of tulips
against my skin again bruise.

I can bleed too says a traveler,
time thou art a bitch you
make my sky and temperament
black and desolate of my blue.

What I grew up listening to…

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