King & Queen

If I heed the warning signs
and follow closely God’s design
I’ll be where I found myself
at the beginning of time.

Ours is a game sweet player
we kid ourselves to think not.
Have you not remembered
those things you have forgot?

The pursuit of your gaze
and the rush for your favor;
leave me resting here calm
now enjoying all the flavor.

The missives we’ve sent time
it measures our progression.
I know you’ve misled at times
consider this my confession.

Yet our deck is stacked and
we’ve picked in the right suit.
My heart it is left amazed I’m
grateful for all of my pursuit.

I’m a dead man from the halls
of the great beyond I hear a call.
The Lord reminds me of love
and reminds to not expect it all.

The valleys and peaks of our
love teach us to savor the taste.
Now that we’ve reached a home
come put hands around a waist. 

I love you we are the same dear,
our suit tells all that needs told.
We are of the same stars in night
that we will die to when we’re old.

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