Despite Me

Hello again moon.
I see you there
again my dear
for you I prepare.

I can be morbid
at times little weak.
My love I still look
in your face to speak.

I’ve got to release
this heavy lit crease
has got me my lease
on life I do as I please.

I drive down bourbon
I stay crippled now.
Teach my spirit peace
and tender vow.

Gone is a child
in the tender night
where the river fights
and we try delight.

Cradle down a draw
to reach to see raw
a way to empty thaw
what the baby saw.

Feel gone is happy
feelings that have me
down around please
forgive this evening.

God be merciful
God love this sinner.
Who felt warm a sin
and was bit by winter.

Creep does the dust
upon me I will rust
and be bitten by lust,
upon my mind I trust.

Because most of me
I will always try be
a man who could see
and or fall to sleep.

Samson cut me I
wept in my room dead.
Laid to rest in a grave
my tombstone my head.

Thrust upon a break
in my fragile psyche
are truthes I try trust
for truth despite me.

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  1. Mark Ryan says:

    ‘Teach my spirit peace and tender vow.’ This line hummed and repeated itself to me. Great piece.

    Liked by 2 people

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