Son Of A Gun

I am a flame
come over my heels
and take my grip
come take these wheels.

I am a tip top
mammal of flesh strong.
I am a fine one,
I can ride the night long.

I’ll love you my
loving fed led lady come
let’s say we’ve
been there for the fun.

I want your touch
I want all I can take on.
Make me yours
until the turning dawn.

Let’s ride the hills
and keep companion led
my hand up a neck
as we lie in our made bed.

I sleep on feet,
I ask of you what son?
What is this I see
is it a finger on a gun?

I need your violence
I need your kiss.
Where me meet on our
own words bliss.

Death is a step
away so maybe we
can step beside
the other half of me.

I am a flame
come see how I feel.
Come dance
and we’ll feel to heal.

The grave can
wait until oddly
where this flame
consumes my body.

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