Acidic Ace

I’ve got a tale I’ve
told to just a few.
Of when breath I
before saved drew.

Metallic I can recall
in a testimony now.
Of the flow of elixir
down inside a mouth.

I was a wasteland in
a place void thought.
No one to receive me
or anyone me sought.

The tender vacuum
that kindled a heart
kept me from sliding
a knife to skin part.

I slapped down God
I traced edges a steel
but found I did love
in God’s Word appeal.

I only know one verse
for my sound to draw.
I recollect my past I
try my future thaw.

I was a victor valiant
unto the air I streamed.
With eyes forward I’ve
my heart I’ve cleaned.

With passion I try
to evolve to love pry.
In the structure me
and parts of me I die.

The demons are lost
and night calls again.
But I turned to your
eyes my dear friend.

Love You,


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