Sleeping Strength


We don’t have to hide
in a basin a trance mistook.
We don’t need to break
where we bend in the nook.

The tree we grow as one
let’s try survive in this kingdom.
Take me on a voyage far
deep under this sun.

But deep in the crevasses
where the storm is kept rich
by the big pockets luck I
want to ride this cloud thick.

Slender the velvet cloth
I like how it feels underneath;
I reach for things the stars
as I see us upon life’s beach.

I want to follow lines yours
down your thigh down your leg.
Teach me what to learn
and teach me when to beg.

How could we break we don’t.
The sacrifice we make keeps
me calm during the storms we
face strong as oak in sleep.

Keep me strong as I can be
as the sun drowns deep in the sea;
I want this love, victory
and strength in me.

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