Respite From The Dark

I take my darkest hours,
send them slowly gone,
as I’m swept in yet again
by a melodious led song.

You are a mystery dear
for how you made marks
along my hallways dark;
here a light now sparks.

I step outside my vision
and I leave what I know
behind me as I now go
to a home stable I grow.

The nurturing calm takes
my despair it is not there
anymore my love you are
the clear sound in the air.

I’m confused how so many
times you could stay here.
When even my own resolve
can and does dissapear.

Home is her sound I hear
and my bed a twisted lair.
Without her I try to sleep
but my rest it is not there.

But my darkness slides
to the back behind smiles.
I’ve been to hurt and ache,
I’ve left them behind miles. 

Flowers from fingertips
they cross my line of sight.
They help me leave a pain
behind rancid I did fight.

I welcome this reality yes
the day has given me gifts.
I sit here in harmony with
her vision as all pain lifts.

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