Queen Of My Disease

Up a hill to crucify my eye
spied a way for me conive
I do to try sweep to comply
this room hold up tight.

Tonight we are but free
In this room so intensely
drop to the ground a knee
I would give you to be he.

For all time you said I say
goodbye my shadow dear
all through into the next day
now you’ve gone dissapear.

It’s just a way another error
I find myself so damn clever
when you said to me forever
now is gone light as a feather.

Different in so many ways
I wish it wasn’t so baffling.
I stay here now and crying
I try and have a voice sing.

Loosing what I used to be
and filled with my worries
I fill the cup of christ up see
I am the soul who hurries.

Hang in the boughs to ire
and the flowers are fuel fire
covers this island I’m a liar
I send down on paper lighter.

Tell my own geppetto let go
of my strings let them grow
into hands I can start sew
my own world I can know.

A cocoon of confiding hiding
in the tornado of my liking;
you said I was your King,
told you you were my queen.

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