Siren Of My Sea

The same thing for you
is different in so many ways;
what I translate as real you
obfuscate on most days.

If we are to be what we are
I fear for the future dear.
The value of what we are
is defined by a cost you rear.

Is not my mind of value?
Is there a price for us two?
What you want from me
is not just me alone too.

No matter how I try to leave
it is always something new
about your life that springs
up that I never knew of you.

How can you be so cold?
Do you not have blood flow
in your veins I am the same
man you used to know.

But you are different now
and the words you use stale.
I fear a lance through me
sending me to hell impaled.

Yet you draw incantations,
yet you know how to seduce
what my mind can understand
from good sense I can deduce.

I am a drifter in the night
looking for a maiden to save.
Take me and break me so
I can crawl back to my cave.

Saddness and macabre things
they scramble they consume
me to the grave in the distance
I see no end to hurt soon.

Lead me to my death by song
sending my understanding gone.
I now can see a light and a
shore of rock my death is along.

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