Black Valley


Dear Me,

You hid your laughter,
made a mess of the world
for your affliction see
it’s about some young girl.

You step a little softer
you roaring mighty fighter
you are falling apart dark
acrid you feel lighter.

Everyone sees the mess
you live in all the time.
Her curves so sharp they
help write your rhymes.

But it is all for not young
one let’s spread your joy.
I your mind try to find
things you might try enjoy.

This plague you play her
a tune so beautiful does she?
Does she soothe all wounds,
revel bliss you can see?

The dam is overwhelming
and the water is heavy on
the way of a river bleeding
softly reaching the dawn.

The valley is dry in here
the words they come close
to the bottom of me drought
will kill colors of the rose.

Your extremities son they
make a mess of you play
the games you tell yourself
you must to save the day.


Your Better Half

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