And So I Testify

All the stars in the sky
I’m the moment they fall.
I am at the end of my testimony,
a part in my crusade I crawl.

The road has been stress
I am in doubt of all I love.
I question closely all that I
cherish and or put above.

The sadist that grinds me,
I am but a child I make mistakes,
he gifts me gold I try hold
every move I mistakenly make.

I am a wreck of my own
making but a hell it assaults.
I am confused at what is mine
and what is not my own fault.

My oxygen fails in my lungs,
I’ve used them to breath some.
The other time I use my
breath to breathe some fun.

So missuse me and make way
for your logic to put asleep
the bright ideas I’ve late at night
for flight you like my weep.

It’s the end and I’ve called
to my supposed Savior to save.
But while I wait I promise
I can’t promise to behave.

This journey dictates a God
found me and reached eternal.
But I have words not but hurt
in most of my life’s journal.

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