Love Letter #4 (It’s Not Enough)

The ember of gold sinews
in my soul it burns gentle.
Inside my eyes I rage up,
I reach destiny sentimental.

For hours that I spend by
the gentle stream is gay.
I spend it there for all time.
I spend it there now today.

All time I’m affixed stunned.
Place in my hand the gun
you wield in front of me
my eyes just for your fun.

I can’t sleep in a distant bed
so far from where my stead
belongs by warmth a head
yours mine to me I’m fed.

Your words reach me soft
and I find comfort aloft
I want to tear this tattoo cross
off my arm enough I’m lost.

The ink runs in my veins
you do as well the same.
I rise up in morning flames
it’s not enough for today.



For Lara (L)

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