Love Letter #3 (Falling Deep)


The hive is a buzz;
a queen she’s around.
The chemicals in me
shallow are found.

So I move at a call
whisper, thumb or lip.
Summon me close
and do as you wish.

I’m lost without you;
you give purpose love.
Send me into a river
and rise does a dove.

Baptize my soul find
I am inside all twisted.
Arise from holy water
I do my soul is lifted.

Stained it is tarnish
my ever glowing glow
it is drowning fast my
corrosion starts grow.

I’m falling to pieces
and my heart nears eve
of a night it wants more
of you so don’t leave.

Chemicals in full force
I face as only a man too.
When I’m down I’ve a
solution it is still you.

You are innocent love
and I think about us all
the time and now I’m
into a deep love I fall.



(For L)

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