A New Day


Up and up on a horizon
lies a new day to be born.
Say hello new beginning
and let the sky be torn.

See a hue a perfect form
that is never the same.
But it’s still the sky and
is also a source of rain.

A balance can be found
in nature as a gift take
this day and run away;
kiss me when you wake.

All is not lost or astray,
though I can be at times. 
What I’m searching for
is hidden help me it find.   

I play scene after scene
of what we should be.
But at times even me I
find us hard to believe.

The day is ours and soon
a new day it will come.
Keep an eye up at the sky
see the tales of a new sun.

Rain and sunshine live here
inside of my chest cavity.
I’m telling you leave behind
all of yesterday’s gravity.

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