No Twisted Cage

Banished long ago in autumn
tones that lined the streets.
The memory of you lingers it
in my mind it does repeat.

Till the spill of another drop
of blood that seeps inside,
my seasons they spread vast
from cold to hot it subsides.

I return to you walking back
in my mind I try to find
what is this function of love
that continues spill in rhyme?

Conquered angel spread wings
I do until my last breath.
Will she haunt my dreams?
Please I hope until death.

What is this love with not
a construct a twisted cage?
I feel it not as I’ve felt before,
a life empty of empty rage.

Tell which way dance my love.
I know we hardly speak of
the brambles that disturb me
from the past as if some drug.

Turn me my dear kiss my lips,
drink from me live again.
Confess let us our trespass,
let’s continue with our sin.

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