If You Know What This Is…


Then you are a genius because two grown men have been observing this yellow dial for two days and still can’t figure it out. Let me describe my feelings as complicated. For the past 48 hours I’ve been trying to understand our lighting system to the front entrance of our condos. Needless to say I’ve ripped all my hair out and am done.

I mean done too. I’ve become acquainted with this scene all day.

These branches hurt to get through to get to this little clearing.

That little box in the middle of meter reader and the smaller outlet to the left of it is this…

Pretty straightforward right? Yeah. Well…it works but doesn’t. I mean it turns on the lights but the on and off pins don’t line up correctly and it is backwards. Trust me. It’s broken.

My question is that if anyone knows what this device is used for it would be helpful. I could maybe gain some insight to better operate it. I don’t know.

All I know is that it is pissing me off. And instead of relaxing and unwinding I’m regurgitating frustration. I love you all and I apologize for burdening you with this but here me now. Don’t purchase whatever this is. Danger Will Robinson.

Our neighbors purchased it years ago and an engineer and carpenter can’t figure it out so if anyone does know give me a shout-out.

Rock and Roll,

Jared 🤘

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  1. kristianw84 says:

    I’m just guessing, but it looks like a timer. Like you can set the lights to turn on and off at specific times. 🤷‍♀️

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    1. J.Michael says:

      Yes. Yes Weigman. A normal person would think that. But trust me that’s been proven to not be the case. It may be an underwater timer of some sort. But we’re not sure. In any case it’s infuriating 🤣


      1. kristianw84 says:

        😂🤣 I can imagine it is frustrating. Hope you figure it out! 🤔

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  2. eob2 says:

    Have you searched that particular item on the internet? Or if there is a manufacturers name you can contact them…I have done this about a weird digital thermostat that the builder put in our home. Found it wasn’t very efficient for our dual heat/AC unit but it was cheep what does that tell ya 🙄 we had it replaced and saved about $75 on our electric bill.

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  3. eob2 says:

    We had two separate units for downstairs and upstairs, they (contractor) wired it as one, lucky the house was new and still under a one year warranty clause that cost the contractor so money.

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    1. J.Michael says:

      We think it’s an old pool timer for pool lights. Meant for underwater lights. It appears to have been installed incorrectly. Jerry-rigged you might say. Which makes it almost impossible to repair. It’s 16 years old. So we tinkered with it and are just adjusting times to see what it does. 😅

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  4. Secrets says:

    I’m here for the comments to see if anyone knows what it is 😂

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    1. J.Michael says:

      Bahahaha. 🤣 Me too.

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      1. Secrets says:


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