Deep The Dirt


When I’m gone and dead
lead no entourage of cars
to respect my life for unto
the depths I’ll be in dark.
I like the sentiment but I
overthink everything callous
and I have thought about it
and I need no Godly ballad.
My knees have bled serve
I have my time for all I can
to make my own father so
proud but I am who I am.
I stumbled I like an escape
from everything that binds
my freedom for me I rebel
to ease my fettered mind.
I know of a substance love
but I have been broken torn
in my endeavors for bliss of
love ever since I was born.
Dip me in gold I’ll still be
to the core rotten and hurt.
It will never go away no
matter how deep the dirt.
When I am gone my kin
hear me now deep within
I will fight to rise again
so I might salve all my sin.
If I fail in life don’t assuage
my darkend plight with light
to me send roses to adorn
my stone in my dark night.

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