I Know You

To your palace I go now
though cracked are streets
from the earthquake and
rage where you did feast.

I make my way up a path
not many have survived.
I go simple and just me I
see no reason to conive.

I knew that you need a call
so that you could prepare
your hair and makeup I’d
interject that I do not care.

Different today you feel well
but I know the story of you
and I know your faces are all
a carousel you riffle through.

I approach for I know torture
that hampers my walk I limp.
My friend I know you want
to please all proper and prim.

Manifest does the lack of all
you lack within your being.
I am aware of you and your
eyes and all they’re seeing.

I come taterred but no reason
to dress up your pretty enough.
Especially to these eyes mine
that have been rugged tough.

I look to the way words roll
off your tounge and your red
cheeks that can’t hide a shame
or sensitive word that’s said.

My friend I know your faces,
I guess all these years have a
reason a purpose I guess it’s
why relatable I choose stay.

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