A Climb Over

I have climbed long
winding ways so far.
I have had to traverse
past where you are.

I have learned to look
where I may be for you.
I want my heart and
yours to remain true.

My climb is in peril I
have stepped many of
my steps for you alone
and now I feel a love.

My climb was almost
beyond saving I was up
in rafters high above I
find I love you enough.

This trek to destructive
ways I abandon them now.
It took the graces of your
trance I don’t know how.

But I am now calm and I
don’t run or try to escape
the feeling I am feeling I
find your touch so sedate.

My love my heart is pure.
It has been through hell
I am sure you can tell my
climb is over in your spell.

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