The Shit I Smoke

My good own child
I would never have.
I break stuff exposed
my soul a strong craft.

I shall have a compass
I shall change and evoke
a dream as this shit I smoke
I will grab a dime from Joe.

I’ll pick up this habit,
dream up something fun.
Grab it now Jared grab
from your shin the gun.

I can not comprehend it
I will blow up in the mist
all that have set it adrift
a misogynistic left grip.

Change to fly like a child
while my tounge is tied
I might do something I
can’t take back this time.

I beg you touch me please
I see you best a shift in breeze
has me fall to me knees
take this turn into your needs.

I am pleasant I sleep well.
All is good here my friend.
We sleep until noon the dawn
is where we begin again.

Sorry I like NF. 🤣🖤❤🖤❤

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