Crossed In Song

I believe in fate my life
I’ve lived to feel good to
be a tool for good I should
undertake a sky so blue.

King only of liars once.
I’m a practical easy going
guy and I think loud ink
show feelings showing.

Elastic trip in a tune to
feel the room is for you
while I can times shrewd
grow seed ill and so rude.

Nourish the land to be ill
foreign invaders never cater
to the detractors and hater
that once said see you later.

I’ll wear this cloak overdose
do my senses in fences I guard.
What is your price love I
bear scars from the shards.

I want to build a castle not
of sand but of great iron strong
up the divide that’s so long
can be crossed in song.

Forever In Rhyme,


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