I know I’ve said some things
and that I’ve been drowning
you with my ego my love I
find I can be so confounding.

The complex the drugs hug
me can’t you see we please
sit in the back to let in thieves.
I’m a smuggler emotional ease.

I let the snow fall down on me.
The sun I bake and feel a quake.
All my life I craved a debate
with the reasons for my escape.

Alter my ego love and take
all of me into the breeze child.
Seek the thrill of weilding a gun
for the fun we run to begin defile. 

Drink the wine down and taste
the lobster tails you’re so pale.
You took too much cocaine to
the brain now you will fail.

Cody stop pushing in the vein
your so insane but we all are.
The miles between us we feel
the emotional grass in fields.

You here before all hell makes
the bough break and Christ says
take this wine red and bled
are the innocent lives of so many.

Now an ever lasting pill I kill
all for the thrill I inspire fire.
By the hour try together empower
an envelope sent to speak ire.

Sincerely friend…


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