In Our Exile

When I was young I gave
no thought about calamity.
Since then I learned vast
does spread all an insanity. 

I finished this posion fast
to help soothe so I’ll sleep.
For during the day I toss
aside what some hope I’d be.

They tell me to walk a line
and the more they point out
my flaws and shortcomings
I ask them what life is about?

I value the thrill the speed
at which I can move ever on.
My light is a forest fire so my
candle is short almost gone. 

I want to move past all trite
little quibbles that arise near.
Beyond there’s need of song
and words to make life clear.

I use to give not a thought to
dangers the world contains.
Yet as years have reached me
I burn inside of sad flames.

My knowledge is destroyed
when I learn I haven’t learned
all the capacity humanity has
to destroy hope people yearn.

All I can do is cry too
for injustices done unto you.
They tear black holes in soul
we must travel to get through.

My brothers my dear sisters
I am a vessel for hurts pile.
The answer for us is hope for
together we are in God’s exile. 

I’ve been listening to Phoebe Ryan lately. Here is an acoustic version of “A Thousand Ways”

Have a wonderful evening guys.

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