The Pink Full Moon

I know I’ve posted pics of the moon before but I’ve seen so many pictures of the moon. Just never caught a picture on my own of the moon. It came in focus on its own and everything. This is what the surface of the moon actually looks like. No filters or any crap like that. Just the moon itself.

It makes me feel so small. That we as human beings, what are we doing? What do we do that amounts to anything? No matter what, the moon will always be there. Staring at us. Looking at us as constant as anything we’ve known. Constant but ever changing. Changing but remaining the same.

Influencing tides that cover the globe. Necessary for the balance of life. Necessary so that we may dream of the beyond. Further and further far far away. If only to imagine, people have stepped here. Looking down on a blue marble revolving in space until the sun explodes one day.

We are so small…

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