Divert The Hurt

I anticipate moments
I look forward to you.
My life I’ll say is one
that some misconstrue.

I am a monolith tide
I am one hell of a sight.
I seem a beam of light
although in me is night.

I fascinate the faces of
every person I see not.
So I want to slip away
into a land time forgot.

Can we reveal ourselves
cloaked in camouflage?
I am scared of eyes for
I fear some plot sabotage.

I am not paranoid am I?
Tell of that which is seen
when I am caught in a
blind spot in between.

In between are moments
I look forward to escape.
Lifted by a sail topside
I feel the wind it berates.

Shield the critical injury
and potential danger
I find myself in see me
as kin no stranger.

Hopefully Yours,


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