Rum Of Sun

When I feel god
of the golden sun
test my soul I drink;
throw back rum.

The one and only,
fermented the sting,
I will always prefer
to bring me to sing.

I will sit, laugh, react
and blindly I will act.
Don’t let go you ruse
even if I may bruise.

I choose to love it,
the weight it lifts
in all my endeavors
though I’m not clever.

Just surface just rest
from depths I confess.
I calm try redress
and cleanse my flesh.

Rose colored dreams
and all the other things
that though tear seams
I feel euphoric to sing.

I need to collide
into the chasm fate
dealt a hand and I am
going to try sedate.

So the golden sun
it sees me as I run.
All is joy and fun as
I turn down this rum.

Intoxicatingly Yours,


And here you go, listen responsibly. This is a song by Thom Yorke written for a movie in the Twilight Series. Listen to it, read the lyrics to find it is definitely not about Vampires. Rock on my friends.🤘

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