Sweet Suicide

Virtue is in my marrow I love this step.
When I take a dive into your breath.

Understand my ground is deep I sleep
in our touches release when we weep.

Catch me I have calculated methods
to try and rid myself of all wretched.

Your arms I move towards and I plea
that you warm release on me an ease.

What a way I have known before I slept
under a loving lovely leviathan I wept.

The creature in my bed fed my head
which both now are crypts filled with dead.

Lay a stone statue of your curves upon
my gravestone touched by the dawn.

I loved life please tell them I passed a test
when the earth I find myself at rest.

I reside deep inside the hide a rip tide
has swept me away after its suicide.

It died upon the shore and sank in sand;
burning deep in the paper firm my hand.



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