I took a drop
down I fell
spasms adrift
mind expelled.

Organs rot
feelings break
when from earth
death he takes.

Fluid concept
assuaging rhythm
is a deep well
and is a prison.

Envelop contour
of a strike quip
does a glisten
a lovely lip.

Duty death found
I dropped a bomb.
I took down acid
just because.

I wanna soar
in wind slander
drags me down
in cruel manner.

Tear me follow
a child my loins
payed the ferry
with death’s coin.

No closer does
a light wax dulls
a paradox unfurl
I’ll over it mull.

Strike it dead,
dead dieing glean.
The earth is cold
forlorn mean.

With this drug
I’m a partial ash
is my envy clean
my hand grasps.

Flame has held
my gaze true.
Son of the sun
tulips bloom.

I’ll hold on
this trip awe;
God I’ve seen
enough of law.

I’m going to lift
with a narcotic
these limbs again
damn cathartic.



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  1. ❤💋😉 pure talent sweetheart

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    1. J.Michael says:

      Thanks Glitzy. 🖤💜

      Liked by 1 person

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