Sincerely Sinner

How do you make me feel
when I feel down and beaten?
I feel no course of strength
stronger than your Eden.

Deliver me render me I’m
very off my trail by miles.
The Devil has not tempted
me for quite sometime now.

It has been awhile I’ve eaten,
don’t you dare believe them.
My inner demons they see your
hell and so I am retreating.

I want to feel lush fields and
my wicked ways are all handled.
Scratch the surface her beauty
like a serpent it me strangled. 

My vice is under my grips I
see you open a wound I drink.
The Devil in her and I please
see I saw a glare from him blink.

Oh I see it now my time it’s
so short to be noble for now. 
I am unable to tell of fables
Lord I give up my Godly vows.

– Sincerely Sinner

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