I’m hidden in black tones;
I didn’t choose this way but it is
just the fate the other side of
the ocean my place for all time.
We have built a castle a realm
where we have joined our arms
to release me from the black
and for a moment feel your charm.
The day it has turned and I
am wounded deep and in pain.
The day it has turned but you
in my mind ripped out the rancor.
I am not the same as before I
am living in a plane not known.
I have heard your voice now my
mind visits you in my own ozone.
Is this real I am a sum of my hurt?
We’ve created a mirage here in my black earth.

Since I just wrote a very dark “whatever,” I thought I’d end with a song just to show that despite the fact I want to just break down and cry I still have a little beat in my heart. I really feel like capital shit right now. I thank God for new friends. I thank God for the opportunity to share. I thank God for you guys.

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