Crown Me Your King


I’m slayed hot gold dripping
my skull crumbles abrupt.
The heat has found me my
brain and I’m vain enough.

Crown me cruel and you
crown me cruel and black
because you saw me in my
marrow please me attack. 

Beneath it all the colors of
my tainted love it was dull.
Drive your poison deep me
I feel it deep in my skull.

Fossilized forever eternal
but now I shine the light
what I find damn infernal
is alright despite my spite.

Touch me send me a moon
in your capturing gravity.
I’m splendid there in orbit
and feel such great capacity.

But my routine is set in stone
and everything that I condone
seeps in the crevasses home;
pores pour in I’m not alone.

I’m pretty now baby tell me
what have we done for fun?
Except torture me dead until
I am finally dead and done?  

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