Keep Me Close

Don’t see me as confident;
just passionate not brave.
I put words on paper I do
as therapy so I’ll not cave.

I’ll read this over and over
so many times my eyes plead.
I simplify the complex so my
mind is set free of its disease.

Process the world I do and I’ll
burn this down as done before.
My mind is gasoline you can
call it too if you want a war.

Use me and discard me after.
Use me and if you want to see
the ugly truth then process this
then again walk away leave.

Used to passing sounds of feet,
mine miles traveled they swell.
As they walk away with speed
they tell rancorous tales we tell.

Keep me for a moment my lit
candle it slowly fades I gasp.
Rip this page out and swallow it,
I do until a final breath last.

– Jared

Thank You Guys! (Here is a little throwback) Duran Duran is a very easy band to understand vocally. So I got the video with the original music video. (MTV rest in peace. I’ve missed you) Something about seeing artistically what an artist does in a video really pulls you into it.

Oh yeah and it’s a great song too. The lyrics speak for themselves and are pretty clear. I grew up to songs like this. So if you were to ask me who I looked up to it would be a lot of people. Including Duran Duran. To imply something juvenile from this would be asinine. I respect great artists and their sharp tounges. It’s as simple as that.

Enjoy your evening/early morning/afternoon and evening.

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