Perils Of Love

Power I’ve heard reaches
the head a rush of blood
makes the synapses fire
and euphoria flow floods. 

Don’t mix messages fix it
the words translated differ.
Tranquility finds the firm
my brain calm does miss her.

The calm the content seek
rest for the head that storms.
Power my friend comes in
an eloquent birth to form.

Create my friend a realm
where you seek to nullify
the sorrows that bring all
to tears at struggles supply.

Have you a clasp to cover me
in a door close tight to save
that sight where eyes judge
your actions and how behave?

What nonsense do I speak?
Behind closed doors they
who hide do troubled sleep
not on beds but briars pray.

Close the throat to maximize
the ability to hear so clear
the messages of love dove
make in my mind time dear.

I choke the world seems so
just like any other day say
words to build up not choke
mine and other voices away.

Dry my throat after attack
from a fermented rush of
an elixir that numbs me so
I don’t think perils of love.

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