Broken Facade

Spoken words
as if spears tear
at my old flesh
to ripen a soul.

I hear a voice my
shattering facade
it blazes to melt;
a lie is unearthed.

Try might I try
maintaining only
that which within
rages as an inferno.

Drops of water
eyes mine sorrow
touches me as my
lamenting fades.

For here it is that
which for is found.
In my room I dress
in a jester’s clown.

Regal I was until
your weapon’s pain
came crashing fall
I do now a fool.

For all sense left,
the day understands,
so it calls forth all,
walk its warm sand.

Raging tides beside
I’ll move ever on.
Savior to no one on
warm sand beyond.

– Jared

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