Top 3 On Repeat Volume 3

Hi guys. I was just sitting here in the rain soaked hills I call home. The sky has no sun and the day is raw. I feel helpless sometimes but then realize there is beauty on this earth that we all can be a part of. We must be an ecosystem of helping hands to one another.

Especially during this plague of death which shrouds us still now today. So relax, take a breath and know I love you. Know that deep in is salvation from the tortures that rip at our soul.

Thanks Guys – Jared

“Can You Hold Me” – NF ft. Britt Nicole

“In Your Arms” – Illenium ft. X Ambassadors

“Enemies” – Lauv

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  1. eob2 says:

    Wonderful message, J. That rain passed through here last night, cool of and windy today but sunshine. So it’s coming your way. Enjoying your song choices. 😊🙏🏼

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    1. J.Michael says:

      Thank you Eob. It seems like we’ve been getting a lot of raw days recently. Glad you like the songs! 🤟

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      1. eob2 says:

        You’re welcome. Please call me ~Elle. I’m 50 miles due west of Nashville, we’ve been getting warm and rainy days. Trees are finally taking off and the daffodils are blooming. I enjoy hearing new songs I’m not familiar with. 👍🏻

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      2. J.Michael says:

        No problem Elle. I know right! It’s a beautiful time of year when it gets warmer like it has been. I enjoy you Elle. Thanks again. 😊

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