My State In This Fate

All I need is a little prick
from a source that heals.
I need no remedy now I
try shake some of my ills.

A long time ago I know
the beating of the logic
escaped in my rebellion
when in waged war toxic.

Free I shake my shackles,
down sound it resonates.
Hold me down again I pray
you know all share a fate.

Don’t look at me for I cry
an indifferent look in eyes
that are yours what is true
it has no need for disguise.

You provide me a compass
where mercury it is false.
Let us find direction so we
are not at some damn loss.

Let us be saved by an end,
we are in a tortured state.
We battle with our purpose
while approach does a date.

Truth is our freedom retain
chains, let them all remain.
It’s what I know and I learned;
these chains keep me sane.

– Good morning and good day. Have a good rest of your morning. Here is another Armin van Buuren drive by featuring Duncan Laurence. Top of the morning to you!

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