Rejoice At Her Voice

I am a separate sound
I come to pieces in light.
What you hear of me
see in the light with sight.

This eternity grants me
only a small amount joy.
I weild weapons that kill
and see them as my toys.

Not me my friends will I
die in a body so scarred.
They are the stories of me,
my scars are glorious stars.

Where I’ve been and where
I will return is your guess.
A holy soul she is to me now,
to her all my sins I confess.

Here your eyes reveal soft
understanding so far aloft.
I am in euphoric overtures
so I need no sun’s exhaust.

Winding and coursing idea
that I have been running
all my life in a pit of smog is
released for she’s stunning.

The light from her calls
for me to give great cause
to search depths of me
so I can fix all of my flaws.

I the mechanism that takes
life away for my own joys
returns from a haze deep
to hear her voice I rejoice.

– Thank you for reading guys. Have a good night.

Here is a little tune for you.

“Leave A Little Love” – Armin van Buuren & Alesso

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