Device Of A Devil


So numb now I fly
into a cloud thick
of the plant forbid
this trip’s no trick.
I’ll inhale to feel a
burn then it subside.
You I want you in
my arms to confide.
I’m no sage nor am I
some halo or Christ.
Give up rapture for
all it may be a vice.
This is the end love
of the world it goes.
Where to from here
no one really knows.
Take my hand dive
deep into the dirt we
harvest until all dies;
we can swallow seas.
What shall you give?
What shall I as well?
I’ll cope no rope now
will send me to a hell.
In one fell swoop I’ll
take your hand let’s go.
Drive feet in inches of
my vice drags as snow.
Gentle go my pleasant
image of what’s grand.
The creases perfect fit
in crevasses my hand.
On a plane now I slip
does my hip I will trip.
What I feel is not pain
but love its full eclipse.
Dagger to my heart is
the past my own asp is
a creation of God device
of a Devil is now a quiz.

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