Into The Vein


No I don’t want to
fall in love with you.
No I don’t want to
fall in love with you.

I’m going to step so
gently you will see.
Refuse I will this life
of purely my ecstasy.

Put into casual terms
we’ve loved to burn
and bliss will yearn
and I’ll keep concern.

Must we with games
between us I drift off
away up into eternity
and beyond I love you.

You hear me say no
and we can hear it both.
The tumult in my voice
and my weak knees I take.

Have with me your horror
have with me some fun.
This is the depths of me so
put down that damn grin.

Take me places love
beyond where I say not
and still do keep eternity
in full of passion’s grasp.

Play no game keep sane
for I retain memories pain
that I remember from it
pushing inside my veins. 

Stick the surface slice
open a vein it let be cut
by the thrust of fingers
let wisdom run amok.

Overflow the levy
let it break and fall down.
Let fall all of all we value
you want none so all I take.

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