A Heavy Weight

Benevolent guild guide me far
this quandry I possess address
me like all of the rest I confess
the truth I’ll no longer repress.

I keep my caverns dry and deep
within the walls sharp rock cuts.
Nurture me I cry to the earth now,
for inside I am unexplored rough.

Places deep are so very cold now,
filled in the crevasses pockets air
they wisp inside me to echo want
and need for a light to be there.

Yet also dwelling there in spaces
the light can not nor ever will find
is for those mysteries to rest calm,
knowing to my depths all are blind.

The world accepts not such things,
that which makes me it resonates.
Still there is that I feel so free to
express so as to lift a heavy weight.

I know all is at your feet and all is
falling in to a design understood
in your world I would edify If I try
you would let me if I ever could.

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