The clutch fuck it I struck
a nerve and such it blew up.

I crave morsels of flesh fresh,
say come rip this net mesh.

I shall not comply I deny
tears in skin tears in my eye. 

Tempted lucifer lands rot
that is buried in ground forgot.

Maybe I’ll think of it later
maybe I’ll drink to lust savor.

But the bell rings for me see
a beat come turn up a sleeve. 

The bell rings for your hell,
stories and lies I’ll tell well.

Juxtaposition of made mission
I embark to mark this position.

I am black I pour I my heart
fails I’m in a jail when apart.

I tell myself I don’t give a shit.
This bliss I won’t get I’ve conflict.

Here’s a song I’ve been listening to. Hope you enjoy. Have a great day.

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