Cyclical Patrol

A million times the sun calls to me.
Beyond the horizon on a far falling sea.

My anguish guilds me I need antidote
for the poison in my stomach afloat.

I am judged now my iniquities cry
out to the Lord in a blood river supply.

But it is now dry my king is but gone.
Leaving behind babes singing song.

His name is protector general knight
and Sir’s and Maddam’s he can fight.

The ones living away from the field
of battle that never dwindles to yield.

They bring bravery and honor here.
Song’s for those who listen to hear. 

So I will swallow down all I got emote
down from the top of my head to throat.

A crucifix is still affixed bleeds profuse;
for my patrol I have suffered my abuse.

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