Masters Of The Night

Hey, it’s you know who.
I’m slipping in tonight
to the dark where you
sleep I beam neon light.

You see I am a creature
of the night I stand tall.
The day has been baked
by the sun so now I call.

I cry out to others of the
same feather together
that feel the void call in
the wind let’s fly forever.

Cunning we will be jest
please now so we’ll laugh.
We need no light for we
blind know haunting paths.

Across the mountain tops
we’re camouflaged green.
What we are is far from
what the naked eye’s seen.

But we can see each other
in the peril of the fell trees.
They came down in our
hallow now torn sanctuary.

So let’s inhale again moot
points again so we’ll know
the answers that we know
are fictitious we suppose.

It is what the beast does in
these hollow boned talons.
We are constant on the hunt
for night’s little battalions.

See the ones whose minds
are so very numbed frozen.
Fly we must fight a fight we
must give comfort for them.

Wise a heart stays closed
so the mind can find logic.
We see what we see from
our eyes own worn sockets.

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