Inferno I Know

As I sit here I am flying
off of some little dose
of that which you despise
I tend to love the most.

All the mirrors shattered
I am that which you treat
to that little drummer boy
making beat for your feet.

I am a cloud I am so done
with the lies and all tender.
For not but pain remains as
I translate the tune render.

Make me dance for you yes
I shall motion hips no more.
I don’t want to make damned
all I have come to adore.

From my mind to yours me
take into your concern.
Sweep my ashes in neat piles
to place in ascending urns.

Made me your love and it
is a time of great lamenting
for I know all my scars that
come with me I’m presenting.

I guess I’ll hide here a cloud
resonates and cures my ache
for the intensity and furnace
your fire in the end I’ll face.

You make pretty pictures
for me to digest I now starve.
But I hear the sinews made
from the love in your guitar.

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    1. Jared says:

      Thank you Ma’am.

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      1. Jared says:


        Liked by 1 person

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