Best I Can Be

Damn it seems I thought I
had planned it better but no.
The seeds of my misfortune
they consume me they grow.

I was struck by an epiphany,
it stripped me down I cried
inside for a moment but then
mostly I’ve cried night’s tide.

For faith I have and comfort
I’ve felt close and had dreams.
Though crashing down it all
did truth was in the screams.

I know your a scholar I know
you’ve your bachelor degree.
Still escaped I’ve a tragedy not
letting my mania run so free.

The sun above scalds me I cry
again my feelings deep under
this storm better because I know
calamity of fury and thunder.

In my head I must have my life,
I don’t have one I want so I lie
to myself I’m somewhere else
but here for now I sleep tight.

I must take these things that
are at my feet and let things be
the way things are and I will
always try to be the best of me.

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