Endeavor While You Breathe

The sun is brutal today,
as the clouds wisp away,
in a glass I drink sun’s rum
to consume its power.
My love is so lofty now
my sweet love is fruition
lit by moonlight in night;
it warms my chest.  
As the sun is consumed
within my bosom I weep.
Tears of pain I’m sane
that my sweat cleanses.
A kind word hits my ear is
dear to me sustaining my
ever moving hell in here
as the sun turns into night.
This is a day sons and yes
veiled daughters at the peak
of a mountain rising to sky,
yet still I forever weep.
We are burning the earth as
incendiary snow flakes fall
crumbling down over lives;
to quench humanities thirst. 
My want and need are not
the same I need and I bleed
sweat but our destruction
is not less so I endeavor on.
With us in the valley death,
he finds us discriminates not;
the phantom cloaked sour
in an hour moves ever on.
Children grab a glass pour
down the sun at the peak
of your oncoming hour to
endeavor while you breathe. 

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