This Whiskey Sees

Dear daisy on display
you are not alone now.
We have been close I
don’t know quite how.

I am baffled by a tone
that echos in my ear.
I hear it now pulsing I
hear you so very clear.

It’s not my sight that I
have a problem contort.
In all honesty I have a
stubborn heart to report.

Once I love I know all
of my all is true to blue
sky bliss of my dreams
it happens to be you.

World you’re in a haze
of hate and pace so fast.
People take a breath so
you can travel your path.

My need to pacify you
can see it from your view.
I take down an elixir so
I don’t see what you do.

I’d rather speak of daisies
my love’s eyes calm free
me from bonded chains
the world shackled me.

It is the truth my love
and I both face everyday.
I guess we all do also so
let all run far in disarray.

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