Touch Of The Devil

Work of the devil
has fallen swift here.
Brown eyes are it,
of a mystery clear.

I see conflict love,
don’t fall behind me.
Staunch is a drive
so burn my industry. 

The taste of fruit
of a peach resonates
the palate of favor
it won’t dissipate.

Want you it all to
keep at your whim.
Flow down stream
no resistance swim.

Dress to enchant me
curtail words you use.
I’m here for your favor
or for you to abuse.

Do as you choose
float deepen persona.
Add to a tapestry a
green foliage fauna.

For your anger for
your heat I’ll be now
a chance to breathe
and be however how.

The red is a scream
murder call minions
who themselves call
upon no opinions.

I have not a choice
but to press for smiles.
From your warmth
to spread for the miles.

You my firey friend
I see the birth begin
of a beautiful start to
begin and for it to end.

The conflict the heat
was quick to consume
the want in me I reach
for a Bible to exhume.

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