Today Was A Good Day

As you can see I have mastered the face-mask though a less popular face-mask indeed. As an essential worker here in the states we await a vaccine.

More and more people are becoming eligible to have the shots. It is of great comfort my family and I have access to Healthcare. Which I feel is essential in any societal structure.

More and more I hope people see the evidence that shows our health is our most important asset. Troves of people are doing whatever it takes to stay fit and eat healthy. It has become a very cool thing to work out.

“Meet me at the gym,” is becoming or was becoming more popular before the pandemic. Now that people have become more isolated that seems like a logical step. Alone time provides more opportunity to work those glutes. More alone time allows me to write.

But before I get too stuck on what’s in my head, this is my head. I work a routine retail scene job here in the states. East Tennessee to be exact. We just got out of a really cold spell. I’ve posted before on A site I’m quite proud of to be quite honest.

I appreciate the follows over here from my other site. But I treasure the opportunity to make new friends here on this site. It is quite freeing really. I didn’t know exactly which direction to take here so I guess I’m just going to snap away pictures and say hello from time to time.

That and thank yous to all of you stopping by. So hello. This is me. In the flesh. I’m not some bot. I’m not some disruptor. I like getting to know people on here but I also try and respect boundaries. Yet if anyone wants to sound off at anytime feel free. I’m a goofy dude sometimes and I have my moments.

If you can see past my goofy moments I hope we can continue to be beneficial to one another. I need your help in becoming a better person and writer. So thank you for your eyes. Thank you for your likes and I hope we can have fun together.

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  1. Secrets says:

    This is great Jared, thanks for giving us a window into your ‘good day’. Looking forward to continuing on the writing journey with you. 💜 Bree

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    1. Jared says:

      I don’t know what to say. It makes me happy you’re cool with this new site Bree. And yeah. Calling you Bree is better than calling you Secrets. 😅


      1. Secrets says:

        Are you going to keep both running? I know you intended to close the other one down, but I can’t imagine that will be easy after all the effort you put in.
        Haha, I have had a few people say that.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Jared says:

        Well I had the other for two or three years. I renewed and got more and more storage capacity for my photos. I didn’t pay for a premium site this last time. So Sound Of Silent Sounds is officially stuck in limbo. Haha. So I’ll just post here. I won’t wear your name out LOL. But I think you’re cool too Bree!!

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