Well I’d tell you how I feel
but you don’t care.
And I’ll tell you what I fear
but you’d go there.

I said I got a piece of time
so let us forgive me
for a moment I got things
I need off my sleeve.

You want to come close I
remember you love.
I got some things on my
mind in you I think of.

It’s worth a moment time
is not on our side.
What has you in it’s grips
me and it will collide.

I know of him of who you
speak that turned
you this way my dear I am
for him have spurn.

You are not nothing love
no matter what
he may may put you down
but you are enough.

Don’t let him get in head
I want his anemic
ideas in the forefront yours
to leave expedient.

I won’t waste my time on
what he did too
much what an abysmal man
has done to you.

You are not nothing so I go
to let all my feelings
out so I can clear the air I
my time is reeling.

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